1002 County Home Rd. 
Whittier, IA  52336  


Whittier Market is affiliated with Knight Spot Storage  in Springville
& Knight's Farm in Whittier
visit thier websites for more information.



  9am-4:00pm Sat.
Closed Sunday
Located at the intersection of County Home and Whittier Roads.  Right next to the Whittier Community Building and across from the historic Quaker Friends Meeting House.


Locally owned and operated Whittier Market provides local products and grocery items for your everyday needs.

Gift Certificates Available!

Edgewood Locker Meat 
We change up some of our flavors and varieties, but here's an idea of all the Edgewood meat we carry.

Bacon: Cajun, Cottage, and Smoked
Sticks: Beef w/Cheese, Beef w/Jalapeno Pepper Cheese,  Honey Pork w/Pineapple, Honey Pork w/Swiss
Brats:  Green Pepper w/Onion Bacon & Cheddar, Cheesy  Jalapeno w/cheddar, Pineapple and Plain and more
Fresh Pork & Beef: Smoked Chops, Dried Beef & Beef Summer Sausage.   Ring Bologna, Ham Salad and   more
Fresh Chicken: Fully Cooked Marinated Chicken Breast
Frozen: Ground Beef, Choice Ribeye, BBQ Pork, Turkey w/dressing, Chuck Roast, Breakfast Links, Beef Maidrite mix, Pork Roast, Side Pork, Italian Sausage, Seasoned Pork Sausage, Beef Stew Meat, Iowa Chops, & Spare Ribs.
and more

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